Young Widows: 5 Top Tips to Start Living Mindfully

Living mindfully means observing life in those moments where you find yourself retreating to your head. In the first few weeks and months of widowhood, it is easy to feel stressed out and anxious. Living mindfully is about being non-judgmental towards you and your thoughts. How can you be judgmental towards your thoughts? Sounds strange, right? But the thing is, we’re hard on ourselves in more ways than one (especially when we’ve lost loved ones). Think about the way your brain trails off when you’re making that commute home, when you’re in the shower or even in the middle of yoga class. You’re brain goes off and before you know it, you’re telling yourself to shut up rather than accepting or just observing your thoughts. Living mindfully means loving yourself all the more. Read on for a some of the top tips out there in order to start living mindfully.

Young Widows: 5 Top Tips to Start Living Mindfully

1. Let Go Of the Past – This is my top tip for any situation. Let go of the past. Let go of the life you had before, the people who hurt you in the past and let go of any expectations of others.  Just, let it go. Life comes at you when you least expect it so it’s time to accept it with open arms. Stop stressing and worrying about the future. Just let it come.

2. Focus on Your Breathing – This is great for mindful meditation. Take a second to relax and think about your breath. Feel the rising and falling of your chest. In these breaths, let go of everything you’ve been holding inside.

3. Engage All Your Senses – Right now, take a moment to notice the world around you. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you smell? Put all your focus on the senses. If it helps, surround yourself with the things you love, so it makes it easier to be at ease.

4. Observe – Now that all your senses are engaged, observe the world around you. Don’t let it affect you, but rather, let life happen. Notice the color of the trees outside or the sky. No need to take it all in, just let it happen. Let it be.

5. Release Any Judgement- Go back to your breathing. Feel the rise and fall of your stomach again. As you release that last breath, let go of any judgement you feel towards others (or yourself) in this moment. Every time your brain trails off, simply accept those thoughts and come back to yourself. No need to be so hard on yourself.

These tools will help you get into a mindful moment any time you need it. Enjoy!

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