The Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program

The Institute on Holistic Wealth has launched the Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program. The program complements the Institute’s signature program – the Certified Holistic Wealth Consultant Program. 

Why A Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program?

Every day we must make financial decisions such as how much to save and invest in our health and relationships. If you make poor financial choices, you might send yourself spinning your wheels for years. If you don’t deal with your unresolved financial trauma, it might ruin your finances.

Addressing the problem

Keisha Blair, the founder of the Institute on Holistic Wealth, created the Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program to address this issue and assist clients in overcoming money trauma and developing a new relationship with money. 

As Keisha Blair put it: “I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of unresolved money trauma in people’s lives. 95 % of our lives are spent on autopilot, repeating the same trauma narratives and behaviours. Our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are habitual patterns that repeat every day “.

“What usually happens in terms of our finances and money trauma is unrealized potential over a lifetime. Not only do we waste time spinning our wheels with our finances, but we also lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime in investments that we should have made”. 

The Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program stands at behavioural economics and psychology. As a Trained Economist, who has also trained Licensed Clinical Social Workers in the Social Welfare System, I have seen people paralyzed with fear of making the wrong money decisions.

Benefits of taking this course

The Certified Trauma of Money Consultant Program will provide you with a certificate that will allow you to understand the causes of money trauma and provide you with the tools to assist in resolving it and building a new relationship with money.

What if you could overcome money trauma, develop a new relationship with money and consistently make financial decisions without getting anxious, feeling overwhelmed, or second-guessing yourself?

The program gives you the tools you need to:

  •  Understand how trauma develops and how it affects personal finances. You will learn why people struggle to make money and keep it — and how that can stem from as far back as childhood experiences with trauma. You will learn how to help people recognize the signs and create wealth.
  •  Break down money walls/ blocks and increase your ability to create wealth. Empower you to write your own new money story and help your clients do the same.
  •  Transform your relationship with money and help your clients do the same as part of their Holistic Wealth Portfolios.
  •  Rewrite your personal money stories with concrete methods to create wealth and success, and help your clients do the same.

This course IS for you if:

  • You want to break out of old money patterns and habits and help others do the same and create wealth and prosperity through a certification program.
  • You want to have more freedom and control over your money — to support yourself and your family — without sacrificing your time, energy, or sanity.
  • You are a business owner who wants to expand your service offering to increase your revenue and diversify your client base.
  • You have a side hustle, and you’re ready to turn it into a more consistent stream of income.
  • You are a full-time employee looking to get a raise or a promotion at work, and this certification program will allow you to do just that through the range of skills you will acquire.

Flexible payment terms are available. The course is online and delivered to a global audience and 100% self-paced.


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