How to Stay Motivated (When you Just Don’t Feel Like it)

We’ve all experienced days where we completely lose our motivation. Despite all the moments in life that remind us how great we’re doing, there are others that make us wonder how we’ll ever get to where we want to be. It could have been that project that didn’t quite turn out right at work, or the job interview that didn’t pan out how we planned, or simply the after effects of other kinds of losses. Most of us go through a series of little losses – as well as huge transformative ones, such as the loss of a spouse or death of a child. Losses big and small have a way of eating away at our attempts at keeping hope and our motivation alive

Although losses and tragedy are a part of our personal growth, they can also affect our motivation to do the things we once enjoyed.  In order to re-discover the feeling that made you start this journey in the first place, here are five tips to help you remain motivated (even when you really don’t feel like it!).

1. Open your heart to the pain and struggle (instead of denying it)

Here’s a secret about every decision you’ll ever make — they’ll all challenge you in one way or another. So instead of viewing your struggle as a weak moment in your life, recognize that your ability to accept that you’re struggling is the real strength.

By embracing this difficult experience, you’ll not only lift the pressure to perform off yourself, but you’ll most likely experience post-traumatic growth. As hard as it is to go through, it’s sometimes our hardest moments that brings out the best in us. So the next time you feel at a loss, recognize that you’re facing this struggle and it could work out to be a powerful gift that could transform lives.

2. Engage in an activity that brings you joy

One of the greatest ways to handle feeling de-motivated is by taking a break to do what you love. From calling your best friend to talk about the latest episode of your favorite show to cooking up your favorite meal, indulge in some personal pampering — and don’t feel guilty for doing it.

Although it’s hard to step away from a problem you want to find an answer for, your health and happiness are a priority that shouldn’t be ignored.  Happiness is a personal decision, so allow your mind a break from the high expectations you’ve set for yourself and you may be surprised by how much easier it is to meet them.

3. Switch up your routine a bit

According to research, the brain gradually stops registering a sight, sound or feeling if that stimulus remains constant over time. You lose your focus and your performance on the task declines.

Studies have shown that workers are most focused and productive when following the rhythm of a work/rest ratio.
When faced with a personal struggle, it is best to take a long pause.

Having a normal routine will guarantee you get your daily tasks done, but always sticking to it is one of the reasons why you’re feeling stuck. Throw routines out the door when you’ve entirely lost your motivation. It simply means you need to switch things up a bit.

4. Reach out to family and friends

If you’re having difficulty with attaining your original drive, confiding in loved ones and reaching out to those who are close to you may provide some perspective on the situation. The combination of hearing words of encouragement and the different ways people gain inspiration should be enough for you to realize you’re not the only person who becomes discouraged at times. Remind yourself that feeling de-motivated at times is normal – it simply means you need a bit more nudging to continue your personal mission.

5. Reflect on your personal mission and vision

Constant self renewal is key to growth and staying focussed.  It will also help you regain hope and motivation by renewing your personal goals.  Do a personal inventory to see the areas you want to more time and attention on versus others where your interest is waning. Its ok to change your goals mid-way when you realise that something isn’t right for you.

Regardless of what your passion is, there’s a reason you discovered it and reminding yourself of what the reasons are may be the extra push you need to continue it.

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