How To Unleash Your Power to Be Kind

In this exciting episode, our very special guest is Elisa Udaskin. Elisa is the author of “Be a Mensch: Unleash Your Power to Be Kind and Help Others”, and she is the Founder of the website CaringOrganizer.com. Caring Organizer has free tips, tools and inspiration to help you help others in times of need. The site has a free online resource tool for organizing meals and providing support to individuals suffering from an illness, recovering from surgery or those in need of comfort at a time of loss or grief. Elisa is an accomplished brand marketer and collaborative, inspirational leader with 20 years of experience driving topline growth and bottom line efficiencies globally. Elisa Led the $500MM Global Dentyne and Clorets brands. Elisa also led the global candy innovation platform for the $800MM HALLS brand, where she was responsible for leading a global cross functional team from New Jersey, USA to Singapore.

After her father-in-law passed away, she saw firsthand the needs of her own family and others grieving and decided to establish CaringOrganizer and write her book Be A Mensch.

Who exactly is a mensch? Someone who exudes kindness, integrity, and honor. The type of person who knows what to say when a friend’s loved one passes away or how to react with empathy and grace when someone at work is being a total schmuck. The kind of person your grandma would be proud of. Listen in to this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth Podcast with special guest Elisa Udaskin.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Elisa’s amazing journey as an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker.
  • Elisa’s thoughts on how we can unleash the power of kindness can help those in need especially during COVID-19.
  • Elisa’s experience with helping others through tragedy and grief through CaringOrganizer.
  • Elisa’s thoughts on random acts of kindness and how that helps our mental mental health and wellness
  • Learn some tips and strategies to help those suffering from grief and loss.
  • Elisa’s Personal Financial Identity (based on Keisha Blair’s Personal Financial Identities Framework).

Listen to the Full Episode:

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